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Benefits of Infill for Synthetic Turf

The infill plays a primary role in maintaining the overall look, quality and functionality of your turf, and here's how:

  • Prevent Rippling, Shifting and Damage - As your turf contracts and expands with changing temperatures, it can leave bumps and ripples in the backing. The infill acts as a weight, holding the turf down so the surface remains smooth and even. It protects the turf backing from damage due to heavy foot traffic as well.
  • Maintain a Comfortable Temperature - When the weather gets warm during the summer, the sun's rays beating down on your turf can make the surface quite hot. This can be uncomfortable under bare feet, making it difficult to enjoy your turf in warm weather. Infill acts as a temperature regulator, keeping your grass cool to the touch.
  • Boost Drainage Capabilities - Rain, pet urine, spilled drinks and rinsing water all need to drain out through the turf to prevent puddles from forming. The right infill will ensure that any liquids on the surface of your artificial grass will drain evenly to avoid creating a soggy mess underneath.

Choose the Right Infill for Your Turf

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